Workshop: “Exploiting Archives for Radio Astronomy in the SKA-era”

Dear all,
the Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences (IA) in collaboration with the University of Manchester and the RadioNet consortium is glad to announce that the online workshop “Exploiting Archives for Radio Astronomy in the SKA era.” will take place on the 23rd, 24th, 25th of November on Zoom platform (only morning sessions).

Astrophysics is without doubt entering at present the century of data. Machine learning and data analysis technologies have already become an integral part of daily life, with data scientists building more and more sophisticated systems to select and examine large volumes of data.
The radio community is not extraneous to such a problem since the amount of data available in current and future facilities is growing at a rate that will impose new approaches to the concepts of ‘user support’ and ‘interface efficiency’.

In this context, the main goal of this workshop is to give an overview of the capabilities, development, and user support for archival research in the main worldwide radio facilities.
The registration is open through the IA website until the 15th of November.

Ciro Pappalardo, Jose Afonso, Israel Matute

Ciro Pappalardo, Jose Afonso, Israel Matute, Alasdair Thomson, Robert Beswick, Anita Richards