PACE works in a number of ways to support the ALMA user community:

Face-to-Face Support – for the purpose of proposal submission and archival research;

Quality Assurance – upon EU ARC request, PACE team members will regularly visit the ARC to participate in the task of ALMA data quality assurance;

Software Testing – the ALMA user community makes use of different software tools (e.g., AOT, CASA), which need to be tested following continuous upgrades;

Expertise Development – we aim to strengthen and develop scientific areas unique in the EU ARC network in order to improve itsĀ support to its community;

Events and Activities – continuing CAAUL’s actions in the past, PACE will organise ALMA events for the local community in order to prepare for upcoming observing cycles or whenever necessary (to be announced via our mailing list and post feed), as well as provide tutors to EU ARC events;

Outreach – as part of CAAUL, PACE contributes regularly to outreach events at the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon and local institutes, promoting the ALMA project and educating the community in this scientific area.

Portuguese ALMA Centre of Expertise