Workshop on mm-VLBI with ALMA

22nd January 2015 – Istituto di Radioastronomia Bologna, Italy
organized by the Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre (Bologna,Italy).

Very long baseline interferometry at millimetre/submillimetre wavelengths offers the highest achievable spatial resolution at any wavelength in astronomy and the inclusion of ALMA into a global network will bring unprecedented sensitivity.

This workshop reviews a broad range of science topics allowed by mm-VLBI with ALMA and also discusses the status of the existing and future mm-VLBI networks. This should involve not only current VLBI users but also those who are just becoming interested in this rapidly evolving field.

For further information on logistics and registration, please visit the website:

Participants are invited to contribute an oral presentation or a poster.  At the workshop there is room for ~ 10 contributed talks (ca. 15 min).

The registration deadline is 1 December 2014.