ALMA Cycle-3 outcome

After the communication in August of the ALMA Cycle-3 proposal review outcome to the PIs, the ALMA consortium has recently made available the list of high priority projects and a report on the proposal review process. While the former lists the A- and B-graded projects, along with the respective PI, co-Is, and abstract, the latter describes the review process along with interesting statistics (such as requested facility specifications, science categories interest, …).

We would like to highlight a milestone achieved by the Portuguese community via the acceptance (A-grade) of the proposal PI’ed by David Sobral (based at IA), focused on the recently discovered high-redshift galaxy with PopIII-like stellar populations. In addition, the Portuguese community is involved (in co-authorship) in six other high-priority and two filler (C-graded) proposals. We also highlight the proposal PI’ed by Elisabete da Cunha (based at Swinburne University, Australia) which was also considered to be of high priority via the very over-subscripted Open-Skies time.

We take the chance to call your attention to the recent ALMA status report and the results of the ALMA Cycle-3 user survey.

We hope these very successful results make you even more eager to apply for ALMA time in Cycle 4! We will be here to help you!