Portuguese ALMA National Community Day

We are glad to announce the Portuguese ALMA National Community Day to be held on 24th February 2015 at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Science in Lisbon.

11h00—11h30 – “The observatory ALMA“, José M. Afonso (IA-Lisboa, PACE Coordinator);
11h30—12h30 – “From our solar system to the Galactic centre“, Nanda Kumar (IA-Porto);
12h30—14h00 – [Lunch]
14h00—15h00 – “The Extra-galactic Universe and its Cosmology“, Hugo Messias (IA-Lisboa, PACE Lead-Scientist);
15h00—15h30 – “
Proposing for time and the ALMA Observing Tool” (TBD);
15h30—16h00 – “Observation simulations“, Hugo Messias(IA-Lisboa, PACE Lead-Scientist);
16h00—16h20 – [coffee break]
Optional from 16h20 – Face-to-face hands-on (PACE team).

TRAVEL SUPPORT: a limited number of participants may apply for this. We expect to support about 20 round-trip train tickets. It will be awarded in a first-comes-first-gets way.

FEE: No fee is required.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 23h59 13th February.