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M100 and 3C286 Science Verification data release

New ALMA Science Verification data has been released. This batch includes:
– M100: Band 3 CO(1-0) observations with the 7m Array and the Total Power Array, demonstrating the ALMA Compact Array and data combination capabilities;
– 3C 286: Band 6 continuum observations demonstrating ALMA’s polarization capability.

Should you need any help with these data, please use the Helpdesk or contact PACE directly.

Long-Baseline campaign Science Verification data

The Science Verification data resulting from the 2014 ALMA Long-Baseline (~10km) campaign has just been released in the science verification webpage. This new capability to be available in Cycle-3 suits ALMA with spatial resolving powers as fine as a few tens milli-arcsecond.

This release includes:
Juno (asteroid): observations of continuum in Band 6 (233 GHz);
Mira (AGB star): observations of several SiO transitions (isotopologues and vibrational states) and continuum in Bands 3 and 6;
HL Tau (proto-planetary disc): observations of continuum and spectral line in Band 3, and
continuum only in Bands 6 & 7;
SDP.81 (lensed galaxy): observations of continuum and spectral lines in Bands 4, 6 & 7.

More details can be found in the corresponding CASA guide page.